Take your shot at Archery Stardom at the 2019 Minnesota Game Fair!
August 9, 10, 11 and August 16, 17, 18

Minnesota Game Fair's "Archery World" $1000 dollar 100 yard Archery Challenge returns for its Seventh consecutive year for two big weekends in August 2019. Sponsor incentives are back for 2019 with Vapor Trail Archery, and Schaffer Archery again offering product prizes and contingency cash prizes to be awarded to winning contestants using Sponsors products on their archery equipment. Assassin Hunting & Fishing Outdoor Apparel, and BaumJäger Outdoor Apparel will also have product giveaways throughout the competition. Watch for additional prize opportunities during qualifying on unique shots sure to challenge your archery skills!

Compound or Traditional Bow Division:

• Distance: 100 yards at a 10 inch +/- diameter balloon.
• Three shots allowed ($10) on pre-qualifying attempts.
• One shot + bonus arrow, format to stay alive on “Championship Sunday”
• Competition is open to all Archers of any sex, age and experience.
• Bows must be set up in a typical “Hunting” configuration.
(Equipment must be presented and approved prior to shooting.)
• Stabilizer Max. 12 inches
• Sights Max 2X magnification
• One rear facing counterweight (upon approval)
• “Screw In” Field Tip points only
• A 6’ x 14’ arrow backstop is provided. We are not responsible for your lost or broken arrows.

NOTE: “Traditional” Archers are always welcome to attempt this event for free. Separate prizes will be given for 100 yard successful balloon breaks using traditional equipment.

• Qualifying days August 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17 (10:00am – 11:30am & 3:00pm –4:00pm)
• Qualifying day August 19th (10:00am – 11:00am)
• Championship “Shoot-Down” August 18th: Compound @ 2:30pm
(“Miss and Out” 2 arrow format until 3 contestants remain for finals)
• 1st - $500 • 2nd - $300 • 3rd - $200
• 1st with a Vapor Trail rest additional $100
• 2nd with a Vapor Trail rest additional $50
• 1st with a Schaffer Archery rest or sight additional $200
• 2nd with a Schaffer Archery rest or sight additional $100
• 3rd with a Schaffer Archery rest or sight additional $50
• Sticker Bonus #1 – Hit the “Vapor Trail” sticker receive a new set of Vapor Trail
Strings and Cables.
• Sticker Bonus #2 – Hit the “ASSASSIN” sticker receive an ASSASSIN T-Shirt.
• Sticker Bonus #3 – Hit the “BAUMJAGER” sticker receive a BAUMJAGER T-Shirt.
• Qualifier Entry Fee - $10.00 (3 arrows) (Includes shoot-off Contestant re-entry admission into Game Fair on last Sunday for Championship shoot-offs.)

Questions Contact:

Kurt Baumgartner
Archery Coordinator Game Fair



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